5 Chicago Bears players who won't be back next year

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Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool
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1. Chicago Bears may let Chase Claypool walk

A lot of fans will be shouting at the last slide that the Scott addition was to replace Chase Claypool. My response would be, why not both? First, Claypool played the slot in Pittsburgh, but once he was traded to Chicago he was back on the outside. it is clear they view Mooney as their slot.

Beyond that, the Chicago Bears could be looking at Scott to replace Mooney, and then they have two first-round picks next season, and a decent amount of draft capital otherwise. It would make sense to draft a wideout, and 2024 could feature D.J. Moore, a rookie, and then Tyler Scott. It probably would be an upgrade.

The Chicago Bears invested the 32nd pick in Claypool, but keeping him because of that is the sunk cost fallacy. Moore is the number one, and he will be the big money wideout. By having Moore and two rookies, they are still invested at wide receiver, but they can spend elsewhere, and are not overpaying Claypool just to keep him here.

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The best scenario for the Chicago Bears is for Claypool to have a decent year and then sign a one-year deal. If he plays too well, the Bears should not pay him big money, and if he is awful, they should move on. In the middle, he may stay, but two out of the three most likely scenarios say he leaves this offseason.