3 Chicago Bears players who robbed the team blind in 2023

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1. The Chicago Bears may have to move on from Eddie Jackson

The Chicago Bears are still paying for a deal that Ryan Pace gave out years ago. Still, Eddie Jackson has been straddling the fence of being worth it for the past few years. In 2023, it felt like it might have turned. Jackson is still fine as a starter, but his cap hit was $17M last year. That would be expecting him to play like one of the best safeties in the NFL, and that simply was not happening. 

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In 2023, he saw his interceptions drop from four to one. Also, his missed tackle rate went up from 12.8% to 15.6%. That was one of the worst rates of his career. He got injured in 2022, and now he is 29 years old. You could make a strong case that he simply is not at the health, age, and prime of his playing ability to be making the money that he does. It is tough because he is worth a decent salary, but certainly not the salary he made last year or is on schedule to make this year.