One Bears player on the roster bubble at each position

Who might be in danger?
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Cornerback: Greg Stroman Jr.

Cornerback is another position the Bears didn't really address during draft weekend, other than adding undrafted free agent Reddy Steward, who comes in at sixth on the depth chart behind veteran Greg Stroman Jr. Depending on how many outside corners the Bears want to keep, it could come down to Stroman and Steward battling it out.

At nickel corner, of course, the Bears have Kyler Gordon starting. Behind Gordon is Josh Blackwell. It will come down to how many total cornerbacks the Bears want to keep, but Stroman is definitely someone to watch, unless he can come up over Jaylon Jones on the depth chart, thus forcing Jones into bubble consideration.

Safety: Quindell Johnson

The Bears didn't add a safety on draft weekend, but had plenty of veteran help there, already. Quindell Johnson is currently third on the strong safety depth chart behind Jaquan Brisker and Jonathan Owens, and could be fifth or sixth at safety, overall.

It's unlikely the Bears keep even five safeties, and Elijah Hicks is the fourth man there, overall, leaving Johnson as a possible bubble player.