5 Chicago Bears players that should be traded after 0-3 start

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Justin Jones, Chicago Bears Offseason Workout
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4. The Chicago Bears should trade Justin Jones

This is a suggestion that makes so much sense that you know it will not happen. Still, if the Bears were smart, they would trade Justin Jones in the next couple of weeks. Jones has been fine for the Bears, but his status among the Bears linemen probably speaks more to how weak the rest of his peers are and not how good Jones is.

Still, Jones is reliable depth, and there is a need for depth along the defensive line in the NFL. He could fetch something in return if the Chicago Bears were inclined to make a move.

The team would be smart to look into It. First, they are not contending this year. Second, Jones is a free agent next year. You wonder if he would want to return, and the Bears should want him to leave. They did draft Zacck Pickens and Gervon Dexter in the top 70 picks this year after all.

More than that, they drafted Travis Bell late. They should have them in their plans and not Jones. So, why not trade Jones and let Dexter and Pickens split it 40ish snaps per game? Nothing would help those two more, and at least the Bears can get something in return for a player who gave them some help over two rough years.