5 Chicago Bears players that should be traded after 0-3 start

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Chase Claypool, Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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3. The Chicago Bears have to view Chase Claypool as a sunk cost

Can the Chicago Bears just end this nonsense with Chase Claypool already? He has four catches for 51 yards and a touchdown with the Bears this season. In ten games with the Bears, Chase Claypool has 18 catches for 191 yards, averaging 1.8 catches and 19.1 yards per game. He is averaging 0.9 yards per route run after averaging 1.55 yards per route in Pittsburgh. And Pittsburgh was disappointed with him.

Claypool has hardly improved as a run blocker, he just is not highlight-reel-level bad. The team has to accept that the 32nd pick in this draft has been lit on fire. Joey Porter has not allowed a catch in three games, by the way.

Can the Chicago Bears get anything for Claypool? It is nothing near what they traded for him, but at this point, there are at least teams wondering if they need a little boost to stay in contention. At this point, even a conditional pick will help him because they are squashing any chance they get a compensatory pick for him in return.

At this point, the question is do they let him walk for nothing, or do they sell him for anything they possibly can? Why not try?