5 Chicago Bears players that should be traded after 0-3 start

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Jaylon Johnson, Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears Offseason Workout
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2. Jaylon Johnson can get the Chicago Bears solid returns

A lot of these players on this list would be considered selling low at this point. However, the Bears have to sell any way that they can. One way would be selling Jaylon Johnson. It may not be selling high, but at least with Jaylon Johnson, he is not having a bad season. The issue is that he is a lone positive along this defense, and that is not even a highly impactful positive in which he has shown.

Still, Johnson is a free agent this year. He has to think that a different system is better for him, and he was not even drafted to play this system. There are going to be teams calling, and he will leave. The Bears could see him impact the compensatory formula, but they have to spend anyway and will offset it.

They should trade Jaylon Johnson right now while he has value, and teams think they can get nearly a full season from him. It would allow them to play both Tyrique Stevenson and other rookie Terrel Smith, who saw an extended look at playing time on Sunday because of the injuries to both Stevenson and Johnson.