3 Bears players who shouldn't be back in 2024, and 3 that should

It's an offseason full of choices.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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3. Velus Jones Jr., WR

Admit it, already. This was a wasted pick. He might be a fun guy off the field and even a great teammate, but Velus Jones Jr. has been next to worthless on this Bears team for two years now.

He hasn't brought a single bit of value as a wide receiver in this offense and has only flashed a couple of times when given the ball on designed plays such as end-arounds. We're talking 11 total receptions in two seasons, and as a third-round pick.

On special teams, Jones has had his share of struggles. Averaging over 27 yards per kickoff return is fairly strong, but Jones has also notched three career fumbles lost.

With the wide array of talent still available for the Bears to have picked from in that third round back in 2022, the fact they went with Jones is still mind-boggling. The wide receiver room needs some adjusting, and Jones just doesn't fit. Poles should cut his losses and admit Jones as a mistake of a draft selection.

Now, on to three players the Bears have to keep this offseason.