3 Bears players who shouldn't be back in 2024, and 3 that should

It's an offseason full of choices.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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The Bears must keep Jaylon Johnson

This shouldn't even be a question. There is no discussion to be had. Jaylon Johnson played his way into the fattest possible contract he could wish for in 2023. He ended the year as one of the best cornerbacks in football, and some might argue him as the best.

Prior to the 2023 season, I'll admit, I wasn't bullish one way or another on Johnson's future. He had been good, but not great -- yet.

Then, last season happened, and Johnson fully blossomed into an absolute shutdown corner. He had a career year in terms of interceptions (4), completion percentage allowed (55.2) quarterback rating allowed (50.9), yards per target allowed (4.8), yards per completion allowed (8.7) and yards after the catch allowed (111).

Johnson's overall numbers speak for themself. He is a bonafide stud and should be paid as such. Keeping him within this rising secondary should be a top priority for Poles this year.