5 Chicago Bears players with significant splits that will surprise fans

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3. The Chicago Bears have been better against the slot with Kyler Gordon 

Kyler Gordon has had a huge bounceback year for the Chicago Bears. He broke his hand in week one and missed weeks two through five. The Bears had issues in the slot at times, but they have been much better since. 

In games when Gordon plays, the Bears allow just 6.7 yards per target to the slot. Gordon himself is responsible for 5.7 yards per target. The Bears slot cornerbacks were allowing 8.8 yards per target from weeks two through six. Greg Stroman, the primary slot was at 7.9 YPT allowed. 

The Bears were allowing 1.93 yards per snap from the slot in that time. That number is 1.08 when Gordon is on the field, and Gordon is allowing 0.9 yards per snap himself. Stroman was responsible for 1.7 himself. 

Lastly, the Bears slot cornerbacks were being targeted every 4.6 snaps without Gordon, and that is up 6.3 snaps with him. 

Teams are attacking the slot less because they are not getting nearly as many yards per target or snap. This is because Gordon has been so good.