5 Chicago Bears players with significant splits that will surprise fans

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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2. Teams target the Chicago Bears rookie a lot more than Jaylon Johnson 

Jaylon Johnson is having a great season. You cannot deny his play has improved, but at the same time, it is a lot easier to function when the cornerback opposite of you is a target magnet. 

This season, Jaylon Johnson has been targeted 27 times. The rookie Tyrique Stevenson has been targeted 57 times. Stevenson has allowed 40 catches, a 70% completion rate, while Johnson allowed 15 catches, a 56% completion rate.

Overall, Stevenson allows 7.2 yards per target, 1.57 yards per snap, and a 125.6 passer rating. Johnson is at 5.3 yards per target, 0.51 yards per snap, and a passer rating of 51.8. 

What is impressive is that the numbers are even stronger when you focus on week six and beyond, which is when Johnson returned from his injury. 

After week six, Stevenson is being 32-45 in coverage, a 71% completion rate. Meanwhile, Johnson 11-19, a 58% completion rate. Johnson is allowing 3.6 yards per target, 0.32 yards per snap, and a passer rating of 43.2. 

Meanwhile, Stevenson is allowing a passer rating of 115.2, along with 1.36 yards per snap and 5.8 yards per target.

Stevenson has improved a bit as the defense has played a softer schedule and gotten healthier overall. Still, teams throw at Stevenson a lot more than Johnson, and for good reason. They are getting a couple more yards every time they target one over the other, and there is about a 13% jump in completion rate.