5 Chicago Bears players with significant splits that will surprise fans

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1. The Chicago Bears are much better with Eddie Jackson on the field 

This should not be too big of a surprise. However, the defense is better when Eddie Jackson plays compared to when he does not. Unfortunately, he is currently at just 33.6% of the snaps played. That has left Elijah Hicks out there. Hicks has 74.6% of the snaps played, filling in for both Brisker and Jackson.

First, when Jackson is on the field, the Bears allow a 36.6% success rate. When he is off of the field, the number jumps to 43.7%. The Bears' defense allowed -0.01 EPA per play with him on the field and 0.03 EPA per play when he is off of the field. 

The numbers are stronger with Hicks. When Hicks sees snaps, the Bears defense allows a 45.3% success rate and 0.04 EPA per play. Meanwhile, that number is 35.7% when he is off of the field. 

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The combination of not only a healthy Eddie Jackson but also a healthy Jaquan Brisker has a success rate about as low as you will see. Hicks has had issues, but he is a seventh-round rookie; that is not a shock. It is more about the impact the other two can make when they do get on the field together.