5 Chicago Bears players who stepped up to upset the Washington Commanders

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Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs, Andrew Billings
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3. Andrew Billings has played well for the Chicago Bears

Andrew Billings has been the best signing the Chicago Bears made all offseason. We all figured it would be Tremaine Edmunds, or maybe T.J. Edwards, or what about Yannick Ngakoue? No, it is Andrew Billings.

Like D.J. Moore, Billings has been excellent all season despite the losses. So, that is what makes it so good to see Billings perform in this game when the team had their success. The game pretty much started with him and Moore. Moore made big plays, and the Bears led 7-0.

Then, the Commanders picked up nine yards, and they faced a third down with one yard to go. Surely they would move the chains. Andrew Billings had other plans. He blew the play up in the backfield and caused a one-yard loss. That forced a punt.

The Chicago Bears immediately went down the field and scored from there. Just like that, it was 14-0, and the Commanders only ran three plays. One of them was blown up by Billings. He set the tone from the start and made big plays to shut down the run. This is a game to recognize the efforts of Billings all season long.