5 Chicago Bears players who stepped up to upset the Washington Commanders

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Greg Stroman Jr., Terell Smith
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2. The Chicago Bears got help from Greg Stroman in the slot

Greg Stroman is starting to find his place in the slot. To start, it has been nice that he has not been a complete disaster. To be fair, part of that is because every other position has been a disaster. Teams have felt comfortable picking on other positions, and Stroman ended up not being picked on.

However, he also has come into his own. The talent has not been the issue, but Stroman has not been healthy since about 2018. Now, he is back and fully healthy and looks good. Stroman had a huge interception in the first half. The Bears scored on the ensuing drive. It took the game from 20-3 to 27-3 before the half. It capped off a dominant first half.

Then, in the second half, as the Commanders were coming back, he had a key sack. When the score was 27-11, he pushed the Commanders back. They got to 4th down with two yards to go and kicked a field goal. Considering the sack was a nine-yard loss, this was the play that helped keep the field goal unit on and did not allow the Commanders to make the score closer.

Greg Stroman is coming into his own and had the best game of his career in a national spotlight to give the Chicago Bears their first win of the season.