5 Chicago Bears players who stepped up to upset the Washington Commanders

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Justin Fields
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1. Justin Fields did what was needed for the Chicago Bears to win

The last two weeks were easily the best two weeks of Justin Fields' career. Against the Denver Broncos, it was his best statistical game, but he did not finish it. He threw the late interception and had the backbreaking fumble that led to a game-tying score.

This week, he did all of the dynamic things against the Broncos, but he capped it off with a turnover-free performance and a win. Fields played loose and free this week. He was scrambling and making plays with his feet. Luke Getsy gave him designed runs. The Bears also got D.J. Moore the ball early, which gave Fields confidence in making passes down the field.

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Overall, this has to be the best start of his career, especially when you consider the win capped it all off. Now, the question is what the Chicago Bears can do to build off of this.