10 Chicago Bears players who have their stock rising after preseason week one

Which players on the Chicago Bears saw their stock rise after the first preseason game?

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Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
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8. The D.J. Moore to Justin Fields connection is real for the Chicago Bears

The preseason is mainly about the roster battles we highlighted in the last slide. The sixth cornerback spot and the 53rd player on the roster will be the big talking points because that is where the movement is. Those are the players who played the majority of the snaps.

Still, despite just seven snaps, it is hard not to talk about Justin Fields to D.J. Moore. We had heard about it all summer, and the two showed us what happens when you put two big-time athletes on the field together.

The pass was not even great, and it was an easy pass for Fields. Still, that is the point of why these two can be so dynamic together. They are both so talented that they can overcome the margin for error, and turn small and simple into big and extraordinary.

Moore and Fields are expected to be connecting deep down the field, so the thought that they can turn a pass behind the line into a big play, and turn a pass 60 yards down the field into the same result will leave cornerbacks nervous.

This connection is just getting started, and we only saw a sneak peak on Saturday. What a fun peak.