10 Chicago Bears players whose stock is skyrocketing this preseason

After two preseason games players have moved up the depth chart and have improved their roster status

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6. Is Dante Pettis gaining steam to make the Chicago Bears roster?

About two weeks ago, Dante Pettis had no shot to make this roster. However, in the true Undertake meme form, Pettis is arising from the dead to show that the final days of summer may be the most important. The reality is that his main case for making the roster was that he is the starting punt return option.

So far, through two weeks of training camp, no one has unseated him for the job. If anything, he has held down the job even stronger. Velus Jones fumbled it away in the first week and has not had a chance to redeem himself. Tyler Scott has been given chances but has not shown enough yet as a rookie.

The big issue is that both Jones and Scott missed the past couple of days of practice. This led to Pettis getting all of the work in practice and thus starting in the role in the preseason. He did nothing to lose the job, and if anything, his safety in this area has made it even tougher to knick him off.

A few weeks ago, he was injured, and Jones and Scott got all the work. Now, those two opened the door for Pettis again due to injuries of their own. If one or both cannot get back soon, the fan-favorite Dante Pettis will be on the roster for another season. Right now, it is trending that way.