5 Chicago Bears players who are trending up at the right time

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4. D.J. Moore is at his best when the Chicago Bears start Justin Fields 

This is going to be a career year for D.J. Moore. Still, he did hit a low mark in the middle, although it does not appear to be his fault. His low point is directly correlated with the Bears starting Tyson Bagent. 

When D.J. Moore has Justin Fields, he is not just on pace for a career year; he is on pace to be one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. It is only seven games, but when Justin Fields starts and finishes the game, Moore averages 6.4 catches per game for 105.9 yards. This is a solid outcome over 17 games that would come out to 109 catches for 1,799 yards. 

Moore went through four games when he averaged just five catches for 52.8 yards with Bagent. His production nearly doubles with the improved quarterback. Some of that his aided by the big game against Washington, but Moore has taken off in the last two games. He went from that stretch of 52.8 yards per game to 105 yards per game in the last two weeks. He is on pace for 153 catches and 1,785 yards if you just isolate the two weeks since Fields returns. D.J. Moore is excellent and will only get better with Justin Fields.