5 Chicago Bears players who are trending up at the right time

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3. The Chicago Bears defensive line is improving 

The Chicago Bears defensive line has been a lot better since they traded for Montez Sweat. The team has seven sacks in the last three weeks. They had just ten sacks in the nine weeks prior to that. They also have seven interceptions in the past two weeks after six in ten games prior to that. 

This correlates pretty easily with the Bears getting more pressure, mainly because of Sweat. Sweat had a 10% pass rush win rate with Washington, and that is up to 16% in the four games since the Bears acquired him. What is impressive is that he has had four tough right tackles to start his campaign. 

DeMarcus Walker has been a big winner of the Sweat trade. He lsot playing time overall, but is being used more effectively. His pass rush win rate is up from 9% to 16% since the Sweat addition and he has nine pressures in the last two weeks. 

Gervon Dexter may be a chain reaction to Sweat, it also may just be the rookie getting better. Either way, his win rate is also up in recent weeks from 8.1% to 15%. Dexter had nine pressures before Sweat and has had eight in the past four weeks. 

Getting the most out of these three has gone a long way.