5 Chicago Bears players who are trending up at the right time

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1. The Chicago Bears are getting the best from TJ Edwards now

Early on in the 2023 season, it looked like TJ Edwards was a dud of a signing. However, he has really stepped up his game in recent weeks. First, the Bears started to ask him to do more things downhill. He started to have success in run defense, and as a blitzer first, butt eh Bears were still getting torched by running backs in coverage. 

They have not been tested as much since Alvin Kamara and the Saints, but the Bears defense in this area has improved, mainly from Edwards. Edwards is averaging 6.5 yards per target allowed in the last four weeks. In the first eight weeks, it was 9.4 yards er target. 

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His yards after the catch is down from 8.8 yards per catch to 6.5. It is clear that he is now improved in coverage. So, Edwards is sound as a blitzer and a run defender, and he is improving in coverage. It sounds like he is an all-around good player now.