Which Chicago Bears players were losers in Week 9 vs. the Saints?

The Chicago Bears fell to 2-7 on the year after an aggravating loss to the New Orleans Saints on the road. They were able to hang around but fell apart in the fourth quarter.

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Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
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Chicago Bears Week 9 Loser No. 3: Tyson Bagent

If this game ended after the first half, there would be a real conversation regarding who the Bears should lean on at the quarterback position for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately for Tyson Bagent, being able to win an NFL game means consistent play for all four quarters and adapting to the opponents' adjustments. Bagent had a great first half, but he fell apart in the second half and showed that he is indeed the backup quarterback for the Bears.

Bagent makes it very easy to root for him. He comes off as such a personable guy and has been so mature through this whole process over the last few weeks. Combine that with his foolishly good play in some spots, it is not hard to see why some fans are calling for him to be the guy for the rest of the season.

While Bagent might play into a simple system better, Justin Fields gives the Bears the best shot to win a football game. His arm talent and athleticism have to be accounted for on every play by the defense whereas defenses can eventually give Bagent the underneath stuff and force him to beat them over the top. Sometimes it might look like Bagent is playing better, and he has at times. His game right now is just not that of a starting NFL quarterback. He is a backup who is developing at the position but has shown flashes and is way ahead of where most D-II UDFA quarterbacks might be.

After last week's outing against the Chargers and then the second-half collapse against the Saints, it is clear that he is just not experienced enough to pick up the adjustments and disguises that NFL defenses throw his way. He had many opportunities to make up for some mistakes against the Saints, but a veteran defense led by a smart coach was too much for him.

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While Tyson Bagent once again showed flashes, the chickens came home to roost. It is expected that Justin Fields will be back out there against the Panthers on Thursday Night. Bagent has exceeded expectations in the eyes of most, but he clearly showed that he is not quite ready to steal Justin Fields' job as the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears.