4 Chicago Bears players who should stick around in 2024

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2. The Chicago Bears should trust Nate Davis to bounce back in 2024

Most Chicago Bears fans are so annoyed with Nate Davis. The 2023 free agent signing was supposed to be a key piece that gelled the offensive line together. Instead, Davis has been viewed as a huge question mark. Still, Bears fans and the team has to give him another chance and ride with him in 2024. 

First, they should because they kind of have to. Davis has an $11.2M cap hit next year, but if they cut him, they eat $11M. They would have to decide if paying $11M for him to not play is worth it. Beyond that, they are not going to pay more than that to replace him if he is already on the books for that much. 

Beyond that, Davis deserves a break. He dealt with a difficult family issue in the offseason and missed two weeks to deal with things. After that, he started to find his groove, and he got hurt again. When he was healthy and got to play a few games in a row, there was an upside and the outlook of a great offensive line.It is easy to think that this year will be the way things go, but from a bigger picture outlook, he will not have major personal issues to start his year, followed by an injury after missing that time. He should be healthy next year and should be trusted to start.