4 Chicago Bears players who should stick around in 2024

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1. These depth free agents should return to the Chicago Bears in 2024

When you go down the list of free agents for the Chicago Bears this year, almost all of them should walk in free agency. They either do not want to return after a bad year or a bad fit, or the Chicago Bears simply do not want them back. However, there are a couple of players that could be returning. 

The Chicago Bears should try to bring back Dan Feeney. They have no one at center as it currently stands, and they cannot bring back Cody Whitehair or Lucas Patrick. Feeney will be cheap to re-sign, and they already invested a draft pick into him; why not give him one more year on a cheap deal to ensure they go into the offseason without a massive hole there? 

Dylan Cole is another name that could be re-signed. He played special teams well, and considering the Bears have four linebackers firmly ahead of him on the depth chart, that is all the role asks for. They should bring him back. Lastly, they might as well stick with Patrick Scales. The long snapper has been with the Chicago Bears since 2015, and nothing about his play suggests the team should move on. 

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None of them will be crazy in terms of cost, and all of them will fill a role as needed depth players. These are some free agents who did not wear out their welcome.