6 Chicago Bears players who will not be missed in 2024

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The Chicago Bears had a better year than the 2022 season, but it was still a bit of a disappointment overall, especially when the team started 0-4. The rebuild continues as the Bears will improve their roster this offseason. Who are some players on the roster who will not be back but will not be missed, either?

6. The Chicago Bears will be fine replacing Darnell Mooney 

Darnell Mooney picked the worst time to have the worst year of his career. To be fair, some if it was out of his control. He was returning from a season-ending ankle injury the year prior, and he missed most of the offseason as he had just worked to get healthy. It did not look like he was healthy until later in the year, but by that point, the team had quarterback injury issues, and the offense got into a weird spot. 

Mooney never recovered and ended the season, missing a couple of games due to a concussion. Overall, his 414 yards were worse than his 493 yards last year. He went from 1.2 yards per route run as a rookie to 1.72 in his breakout year. In 2022, he was back to 1.58 yards per route run, and then last year, it was an abysmal 0.89. 

The Chicago Bears drafted Tyler Scott to replace him, but overall, they have to remake this wide receiver room completely. That means leaving Mooney behind. If Mooney returns to his 2021 ways, the team will regret letting him walk. They will not miss the current form of Darnell Mooney.