Top 3 reasons Chicago Bears can make a playoff run in 2023

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This is going to be a fun season to follow the Chicago Bears. The team was drafting first overall after an awful 2022 season, but so many fans and analysts see this team taking a serious step forward. Could the Bears be one of those teams that went from worst to first? Or at least first in their division and a potential shot at the playoffs?

What are the reasons for the Chicago Bears having a chance in 2023?

3. NFC North has questions from top to bottom

The Chicago Bears roster is not stacked, and they do not enter the season standing out as the clear favorites to win the NFC North. However, odds do have the Chicago Bears ranging from +325 to +380 to win the division which signals about a 20-24% chance. That is not bad for a team that was picking first last season.

The reality is that the division does not blow you away from top to bottom. At the top we saw the Minnesota Vikings laast season. A lot of people saw them barely getting by last season, and they lost more veteran pieces than they gained this offseason. Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers obviously lost Aaron Rodgers.

Lastly, the Detroit Lions have become the team that everyone loves in the division. Still, we are talking about a team that is led by Jared Goff, and now they are becoming the daunted winners of the offseason. It is interesting to see considering they had such a questionable draft.

You can poke these same type of holes in the Chicago Bears resume, but the point is that all four teams are flawed. The Bears and Lions may have improved while the Vikings and Packers dealt with some harder times this offseason. If anything, it will be a tight race from the start to the end, and all four teams may be involved. This obviously gives the Chicago Bears a fighting chance.