Top 3 reasons Chicago Bears can make a playoff run in 2023

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2. Chicago Bears kept games close last season

One of the big reasons why it is fair to trust the Minnesota Vikings to come back down to reality in 2023 is the high number of one score games that the team won in 2022. It has been historically proven that teams that get by winning too many close games one season almost always see their fortunes turn the following season. Meanwhile, the teams who win in convincing fashion are often the consistent power house rosters.

One-score games are like coin flips, and the Vikings just so happened to hit heads a lot. The odds are that tails is about to come and even things out over the longer term. The same can be said for the Chicago Bears. They lost eight games last season that were within one score.

They lost to the Giants in the last seconds, and had Washington dead to rights a few times. They came back against Minnesota early in the season and made things tight. Also, they had three straigh games against Atlanta, Miami and Detroit where all three games came down to the final drive. Even Philadelphia was just a five point loss.

This was not a team that was getting tossed around by the stronger opponents. They lost these games, but they were in these games. Like the Vikings, the coin is going to start coming up on their side soon enough. When you factor in that the Chicago Bears roster is much improved, they could be adding a little to weight to their side of the coin.

So, the Chicago Bears will win more close games, the question is how many? And is that enough wins to get them into the playoffs?