5 possible outcomes to Justin Fields situation with Bears

This could go one of several ways.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / David Berding/GettyImages
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With the season officially over, the Chicago Bears now turn their attention to the future.

Players will have their exit meetings with the coaching staff. Then, the coaches will have their meetings. Ryan Poles will meet with Matt Eberflus.

Decisions are about to be made. But, which way do the Bears go?

What happens with Justin Fields and the quarterback position? How about the no. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft? Do the Bears really keep Eberflus? Does Luke Getsy have any chance at sticking around?

Let's examine the five potential outcomes to this entire situation.

1. Bears keep Fields, Eberflus and Getsy

In what would be an equal nightmare for all Bears fans, the first scenario could see Fields, Eberflus and Getsy stick around. I can see an argument for Fields and Eberflus, but Getsy? Yikes.

At this point, though, anything can happen. We did see an improvement in the Bears' offense in terms of the numbers. Since Fields returned from injury, they were better as a unit. If you solely looked at numbers, though, you'd be sorely mistaken to keep Getsy around.

If he stuck, then what would change? Getsy doesn't make adjustments. We know this. Whether it's in-game, halftime, or week-to-week, he doesnt' make adjustments. So, what's going to be different year-to-year?

In 2024, we'd just see more of the same nonsensical play-calling: too many screens, five-man protection when more is needed, shotgun on short yardage downs and far too many bonehead red zone calls.

Of all five scenarios, this would be a death sentence for Chicago. It's not an impossible one, but it cannot happen.