5 possible outcomes to Justin Fields situation with Bears

This could go one of several ways.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / David Berding/GettyImages
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4. Bears keep Eberflus, trade Fields

More and more, this seems to be the outcome that I'm sensing the Bears will wind up going with. Eberflus did enough to merit keeping his job, but Fields did not necessarily "wow" us down the stretch.

In keeping Eberflus, you keep the continuity within the locker room and, if he truly has the support of his team, then they would trust the organization going forward without Fields. The players would obviously hate to see their quarterback go, but in understanding it truly is a business, they'd be able to move forward.

As for where Fields ends up? That's the real question, here. With the report from ESPN's Jeremy Fowler suggesting Chicago could get only a second or third-round pick for Fields, that opens up options. If he were to fetch a first rounder, then of course the Bears would be much more invested in which team, based on positioning.

In all likelihood, Fields would head to either Atlanta or Pittsburgh, with New England being another possibility. The Jets are also an intriguing destination, as New York could get themselves some serious insurance for Rodgers. But, would they be willing to give up draft capital for a backup quarterback?