Chicago Bears post-draft offensive tackle depth chart

Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Now that the NFL Draft is over, the Chicago Bears will not be making many more moves to their roster. So, it is a great time to review the depth chart and see where the roster stands before the summer months begin. 

Chicago Bears Left Tackle Depth Chart

Braxton Jones

Braxton Jones survived the draft and will be the starter this season. However, the third-round pick put Jones on notice, at the least. Jones has two years left on his rookie deal, and Amegadije is a bit of a project coming from Yale, and just starting football in high school. 

He will not push Jones in the slightest this year, but next year he will at least bring some heat. The Bears may not keep Jones long-term, but he is locked in this year. 

Kiran Amegadije 

The third-round rookie is the perfect shot to take if you want some high upside. If the Bears can get two years out of Braxton Jones, then two years out of Kiran Amegadije on his rookie salary they are doing good business salary-wise at left tackle. 

Aviante Collins 

Collins was on the practice squad for most of last season. That could be his role again this year. 

Chicago Bears Right Tackle Depth Chart

Darnell Wright 

Darnell Wright hit a bit of a wall last year, but he also faced a gauntlet of pass rushers. Overall, the arrow is pointing up in a big way for the former top-ten pick. 

Jake Curhan

The Chicago Bears signed Jake Curhan this offseason. He was a UDFA from the Seattle Seahawks and started nine games over three NFL seasons. He does not have high-end potential, but this is someone following Shane Waldron from Seattle, so he knows the scheme. That pushes him to the primary backup on this side. 

Larry Borom 

Larry Borom subbed in for Braxton Jones when he got hurt and it was a disaster. The team responded by adding Curhan and Amegadije to make it much harder to see him as a backup next year. The odds of Borom making the roster decreased during draft weekend.