Why Preseason Week 2 game matters for these Chicago Bears players

  • A new face on the offensive line
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  • A pair of defenders headed in opposite directions

Chicago Bears, Trevis Gipson
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Why Preseason Week 2 matters for defensive tackle Andrew Billings

Fans that watched the preseason game against the Titans will remember that first Tennessee drive well. The Titans drove it right down the throat of Chicago and scored a touchdown. One player who stood out for all the wrong reasons was newly-signed Andrew Billings, who currently occupies the starting nose tackle spot.

Billings was supposed to shore up that position, but he was pushed around that entire drive, whether it was a run or pass play. He was unable to generate any push in his favor.

Then, when third-round pick Zacch Pickens replaced Billings, the game changed. Both Pickens and Gervon Dexter came in and showed some tenacity as a duo. Both Billings and Justin Jones, the current starters up front, should be worried.

If Billings wants to keep that starting job, he'll need to play a whole lot better going forward. He should be feeling plenty of pressure from a rookie sneaking up behind him, gunning for that starting job. The Bears didn't sign Billings to be a backup, but he's well on his way to being demoted with another performance like that one.