5 Chicago Bears under the most pressure in 2023

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Every year, every player in the NFL is under some sort of pressure. That does not call it the Not For Long League for nothing. It can take one quick turn, and your job is gone. However, some players do have a bit more stability than others. For the Chicago Bears, who are some of the players who need to make something happen this year, or else they may see the pressure really ramp up?

5. Teven Jenkins has to win over the Chicago Bears staff again

The reality of the Teven Jenkins situation is that Ryan Pace once traded up for Teven Jenkins, while Ryan Poles and his Kansas City Chiefs passed on him just a few picks prior. It speaks to where both front office members thought of this prospect when he was entering the NFL.

So, Ryan Pace gave him a shot at left tackle as a rookie. He traded Charles Leno to do it. Ryan Poles probably wished he had Leno. He moved Jenkins from left tackle to right tackle after a fifth-round rookie beat him. The Chicago Bears signed Riley Reiff off the street to beat Jenkins immediately at right tackle.

Even at right guard, the Chicago Bears had Jenkins split time with Lucas Patrick while Patrick had a cast on his hand. Then, Jenkins won the job and immediately saw the team sign Nate Davis.

Teven Jenkins is saying the right things; that he is glad he is at left guard, or at least pleased at how quickly they told him. Still, this coaching staff and the front office has no commitment to him, and they will not be afraid to yank him out of left guard at the first chance they get. This is not what Jenkins was drafted into, but it is his reality now.