5 Chicago Bears under the most pressure in 2023

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Chicago Bears, Braxton Jones
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4. Braxton Jones is in a make or break year for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears decided to stick with Braxton Jones as their left tackle for another year. Most of the free agent options were right tackles, but the Chicago Bears stared down Broderick Jones at pick nine and went to the other side. Would they have been better off signing Mike McGlinchey and drafting Jones? We will find out soon.

The Chicago Bears did not even draft a depth tackle late which is an excellent sign for the confidence of Jones. However, Jones has to realize that with that confidence comes responsibility. The Bears also expect him to be much better now than he was last year.

If Braxton Jones struggles this year, there are far fewer holes on the roster to fix the following offseason. The Chicago Bears still happen to have heaps of cap space next year, and they will not only have their pick, but they will have the Carolina Panthers first-round pick.

If the Bears feel they need a left tackle, they will do it with one of their first-round picks of their cap space. So, Braxton Jones cleared the first hurdle, but he is not out of the woods yet. This will be a big year and tell us if the Chicago Bears go into the next offseason to continue to buy into him.