3 Chicago Bears primed for a big game at the New Orleans Saints

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The Chicago Bears are 2-6 and they are 8.5-point underdogs against the New Orleans Saints on the road. The team is in the midst of a lost season, and fans are looking for anything to get them through the year. Fortunately, the team has slowly shown progress in recent weeks, and there are enough young players to watch for. These players also could be set up for big games this weekend.

3. The Chicago Bears should lean on D'onta Foreman

The New Orleans Saints' run defense has been good on paper, but the reality is that they have not been tested often. They have faced just one team with an expected point added per play above 18th in the league when it comes to rushing. That was the Tennesee Titans in week one. Derrick Henry had 15 rushes for 63 yards, but since the Titans were trailing, they leaned on the pass.

Since then, they have faced the Panthers who rank 29th, the Packers rank 19th, The Buccaneers rank 32nd, the Patriots rank 27th, the Texans rank 24th, the Jags rank 28th, and the Colts rank 20th. Even the Colts just got Jonathan Taylor back, and he had 12 rushes for 95 yards against the Saints run defense.

It is a good unit, but they are soft up the middle. Their rookie Brian Breese is coming along a bit slow, and the free agent signings Nathan Shepherd and Khalen Saunders have not been smashing hits yet. The Bears' offense has had issues, but they can run the football. They rank 3rd in EPA/play, the clear best unit the Saints have faced. Even in the last three games with Justin Fields out, the Bears rank fifth in this metric.

The Bears are underdogs and may be trailing, but they have to stick to the run game. D'onta Foreman could have a great game if they keep pounding it at the Saints front.