3 Chicago Bears primed to make their first All-Pro

If the Chicago Bears see a player make the All-Pro, who are the most likely candidates?

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Chicago Bears, DJ Moore
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2. Is D.J. Moore ready to ascend to All-Pro status for the Chicago Bears

D.J. Moore has not even made a Pro Bowl yet, and here we are wondering if he can make his first All-Pro. He has been compared to A.J. Brown enough, and Brown made his first All-Pro in year one with his new team. Stefon Diggs was never an All-Pro player until he was with the Buffalo Bills, and in year one, it happened.

Just Like D.J. Moore, Diggs has not even made a Pro Bowl. People did not think either were going to happen, and a lot of people are saying the same things about Diggs back then and Moore right now. It is about fit more than a lot of people realize. Justin Fields and D.J. Moore are stylistic matches. Fields is aggressive and accurate down the field, and Moore was turning PJ Walker into a downfield assassin, he even made Teddy Bridgewater get more aggressive than his game manager ways.

Those are the best quarterbacks that Moore has played with. It is going to get easier for both Fields and Moore, and they will be more efficient. If the efficiency is up, the volume will jump up. The Chicago Bears may shock some but do not be shocked if DJ Moore is an elite wide receiver after this season.