3 positions Chicago Bears could take the top prospect in draft class

Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA
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The Chicago Bears traded back from the first overall pick, but sitting at number nine, there is still a chance that they can lead off the draft with some positions. We know that quarterbacks are going to go high, and Will Anderson will kick off the edge rushers but from there, what positions could the Bears walk away with the number one guy at his position?

3. Chicago Bears can take the first wide receiver off the board?

It is pretty much a lock that if the Chicago Bears take a wide receiver, they will be taking the first one off of the board. In fact, most in the mock draft media spectrum would be wondering if this was just a bit too high.

If there is an elite wideout it is never a problem for them to go into the top ten. The question is whether this draft class has that elite threat. If the Chicago Bears took somebody, it would be Jaxon Smith-Njigba.

JSN is a great wide receiver, but compared to someone like Ja'Marr Chase he does not have the full-field ability to dominate the game. He is reliable, and a great wideout who is worthy of being the top receiver drafted, but is he worthy of the top ten pick?

If he does not go top ten, there is a good chance that a wide receiver could go in the top 20. So, the Bears have to debate whether they want to take the first wide receiver, even if some think it is just a few spots too early. Or, they could take the second or third best edge rusher. Fortunately for them, there may be other positions they can kick things off at.