3 positions Chicago Bears could take the top prospect in draft class

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Chicago Bears, Jalen Carter
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2. Chicago Bears could still draft some scouts number one player

The Chicago Bears could walk away from the first night of the NFL draft with some scouts saying that they took the best player in the 2023 NFL draft. Not just the best at his position, but the best overall player. It is true, and we were debating whether the Bears would take Jalen Carter if they were forced to stay at number one not that long ago.

Now, it is almost presumed that they will not take him if he fell to ninth. Maybe that is getting a bit ahead of ourselves. The reality is that on the field, it is so hard to debate whether anyone is better.

From there, we do not know what the Chicago Bears know about Jalen Carter behind closed doors. This will not be the first time the team meets with him, but when they bring him into Halas Hall, they will be getting an even deeper look into what he brings and how he ticks.

The media can paint an image one way, but the team actually knowing the person will tell us all we need to know. It could be as simple as them passing on him. However, if the Chicago Bears take a defensive tackle in the top ten, it will be Jalen Carter, because he is the best, and should be available.