3 Chicago Bears that proved they shouldn't be in the team's long-term plans

Sunday night's embarrassment against the Chargers told us all we need to know about these three players and their futures in Chicago.
Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers
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Chicago Bears, Cody Whitehair
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The Chicago Bears cannot count on either offensive linemen

Pro Football Focus had graded Whitehair and Patrick as a 43.1 and a 50.8 for the season, and that was before Sunday night's debacle. Those numbers will almost certainly look worse after the Chargers tape is analyzed.

It feels like the Bears haven't had their starting offensive line together all season, so it's hard to blame Whitehair and Patrick for not being able to excel in relief. The fact stands, though, that they're not doing enough to give the Bears offense a chance to thrive. There isn't much the Bears can do until Braxton Jones and Nate Davis are healthy, but Ryan Poles needs to make offensive line depth a priority in the offseason.


With injuries mounting and a 2-6 record, the Bears' season is nearly at the point of no return. It's highly unlikely that the team can find a way back into playoff contention, but with a pivotal draft looming, it's imperative that Ryan Poles understands who can and who can't contribute to the franchise's future success. Barring a shocking turnaround, Jones, Whitehair, and Patrick need to be on the outside looking in.