The Chicago Bears pull a funny prank on their own players

Chicago Bears, Training Camp
Chicago Bears, Training Camp / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Every year, players get frustrated by their Madden rankings. That's because the rankings make little to no sense most of the time. The Chicago Bears do not have many players in the 80s (6) and none of the roster made it into the 90s. This season, we saw Aaron Donald back in the 99 club despite missing six games and Myles Garrett dropped a point to 98 despite playing slightly better than the year before when he received a 99 rating.

As we all know, these ratings mean nothing in the grand scheme of the NFL. However, they are always something fun to talk about in the offseason. Even the players become disgruntled by some of the ratings they receive. Well, the Chicago Bears decided to turn things up a notch. They posted team swag ratings for the roster to see and let's just say the players were not thrilled.

The Chicago Bears pull a prank on their roster with Madden ratings

One by one, players would come in and see their name on the board, then they would see how they ranked and well, it was a great prank. Players like Andrew Billings and even Doug Kramer were given high ratings while other guys who clearly have more swag were down in the 30s and 20s. Justin Fields was a 57 while Billings was in the 80s.

It got to the point where some of the players were even asking how they can get in touch with EA Sports to talk to them about these Madden swag ratings. Eventually, they were told that these ratings were not real. This prank was great, but it further shows how unimportant Madden ratings truly are. That said, they are always the talk of the offseason, and here's BenchwarmerBran's hilarious latest take on the situation. It even includes Justin Fields' rating, although, I take offense to the running back comments.

Even though these ratings don't mean anything, how do you feel about them? Do you enjoy the conversations that take place each year? Do you get upset when your favorite Chicago Bears players don't get the credit they deserve or do you realize the game isn't that great and move onto waiting patiently for football to start? Let us know on our Facebook page!