10 quarterbacks who could be Bears' starter in 2024

Could the Bears be heading a new direction in 2024?
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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9. Tyson Bagent

There is always the possibility that, for some reason, Poles wants to give Tyson Bagent his shot next year while trading Fields. If Bagent started for the Bears next year, it would be with a short leash and a rookie sitting behind him. So far, Bagent has shown some good things, like getting rid of the football quickly and anticipating routes. But, he's also shown that he is not ready for the big stage.

10. Justin Fields

Of course, the last possibility is that the Bears keep Fields around, which quite frankly, many fans would prefer. It might be the best option if the Bears are looking to compete sooner rather than later. Continuity counts, and Fields has so many tools to love. The Bears just haven't done a good job of building around him.

If the next head coach has a belief in Fields and runs a system that caters to his strengths, he will have success. I am still convinced that Fields has a bright future in this league, but Chicago has failed him thus far.