Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields heads to the locker room vs. Vikings

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The score feels like it should be different, but at the end of the first half, the Chicago Bears are down 12-6. Playcalling has been questionable once again. The first drive was strange outside of a couple of Justin Fields designed runs. It was almost like Luke Getsy didn't gameplan for the Vikings' defense -- a defense that uses exotic blitzes often. The line looked as though it wasn't prepared.

Now, the second drive looked much better. I expected to see more quick passes, more TE or RB screens and more outside zone runs. That didn't happen on the first dirve, but it did on the second drive and the team marched 77 yards. Unfortunately, they had to settle for a field goal after allowing pressure get to Fields quickly again on second down -- there was an open Cole Kmet touchdown. Then, with pressure on the third down play, Fields tried to run and took a helmet-to-helmet hit that wasn't called. Yikes.

The defense has been aggressive and that needs to continue in the second half. They are blitzing at times and getting to Kirk Cousins -- even if not for sacks. They forced a fumble when T.J. Edwards hit Cousins and Tremaine Edmunds grabbed it. Unfortunately, the Chicago Bears could not do anything with that opportunity. Fields threw an interception after getting hit. This was after more questionable playcalling.

On 3rd and 8, the Chicago Bears ran a run up the middle. It went nowhere. They ran another run up the middle on second down after Justin Fields and Darnell Mooney connected on a big play. That play also went nowhere. What is Luke Getsy doing here? The playcalling hasn't been as bad as we saw in the first couple of games, but it's as though the playcalling is falling back into poorly timed calls. That cannot happen.


Now, Fields has been getting hit over and over again. You can see that his internal clock is messed up and we aren't seeing him throw the ball even when guys are what is considered NFL open. He has been having to run the ball over and over again to escape and he's now after a stint in the blue medical tent, he is going to the locker room after holding his right arm. Will we see Tyson Bagent?