Ranking 5 best Bears trade assets that Ryan Poles needs to sell before deadline

If the Bears are headed for disaster, why not look ahead and stack assets?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Darnell Mooney
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Darnell Mooney / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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3. Khalil Herbert, RB

The running back landscape is not currently a positive one in the NFL. Looking at the majority of players at the position, they are not going to get a hefty second contract after entering the league. Most aren't worth trading for, either, considering how many can easily be found in the draft each year.

But, Khalil Herbert is young enough, has one more year left on his rookie deal and is a versatile back who can run and catch the football. He is certainly a trade chip if the Bears wanted to fetch a late-round pick from a team that needs another back.

The Bears drafted Roschon Johnson this year and he looks like he could take over the starting job real soon. Johnson gives Chicago more of a tough-nosed, first and second down type of back who can also catch the ball.

Just last week, Johnson was the first back on the field for Chicago, posing the question of whether or not the Bears have already begun to make that change. Herbert is still a good player and is worth dangling out there in trade conversations, assuming the Bears are going no where. He averages 4.9 yards per carry for his career and only has 255 carries on his wheels in two and a half seasons.