Ranking the Top 10 Bears quarterbacks of all time

It's been a long history at the quarterback position, but who makes the top 10 for the Bears?

Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler
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There are some franchises where creating a list like this is a whole lot of fun, and quite challenging for the right reasons. The Chicago Bears, however, are not one of them.

As the oldest franchise in the NFL, you could make the argument that the Bears have been the most-starved for quarterback talent, overall. Things have been difficult, over the years, when it comes to the quarterback position.

And, that's being kind.

But, when looking at the history of this team, there are some bright spots at the position. There are reasons to be thankful and, at the same time, look ahead to better times.

So, taking a few different angles into consideration, who are the top 10 quarterbacks in Bears history? Let's try and make sense of a not-so-impressive list.

Oh, and if you partake, this is where you should pause and grab a quick drink.

10. Jim Miller

He may be just 16th on the all-time passing list for the Bears, but Jim Miller also led the team to one of the best seasons this franchise has ever enjoyed. Back in 2001, the Bears finished 13-3 and atop the division.

Although he was aided by one of the best defenses in football, Miller did his best not to "lose the game" for the Bears. And, if you've been a fan for long enough, you'll understand that's typically what Bears fans want in a quarterback. That's what has been the custom, at least, for most of the team's history.

That 2001 season, Miller threw for 2,299 yards, 13 touchdowns and 10 picks. He finished his Bears career with 5,867 yards, 34 touchdowns and 26 interceptions. His career essentially ended after his final season in Chicago back in 2002, but he was part of some fantastic memories for Chicago fans during that epic 2003 campaign.