Ranking the Top 10 Bears quarterbacks of all time

It's been a long history at the quarterback position, but who makes the top 10 for the Bears?

Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler
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7. Billy Wade

Back in the 1952 NFL Draft, it was quarterback Billy Wade who was selected first overall by the Los Angeles Rams. He wound up seeing his debut in 1954 after finishing his service to the military, and then in 1961 he was traded to the Bears, where he spent the next six seasons before his career came to a close.

In his second season with Chicago back in 1962, Wade led the league in pass attempts and completions. He threw for a career-high 3,172 yards, but finished with just 18 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. If that doesn't scream, "Bears," I don't know what does.

For some positive news, Wade does own the team record for the longest pass in Bears history at 98 yards. Even more positive, was the 1963 season where Wade led the Bears to an NFL Championship victory.

Wade sits 7th on the Bears' all-time passing list with 9,958 yards, 68 touchdowns and 66 interceptions. It isn't saying much to be placed as the no. 7 greatest quarterback in franchise history, considering the context in Chicago, but here he is.