Ranking the Top 10 Bears quarterbacks of all time

It's been a long history at the quarterback position, but who makes the top 10 for the Bears?

Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler
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6. Erik Kramer

For the more casual Bears fans, let's start out by letting you all know that Erik Kramer was undrafted back in 1987. For an undrafted quarterback to make it in this league is extremely rare. And even though Kramer was never an all-world type player, he made it, and that's something.

Another positive about Kramer's career is that, to this day, he still owns the record for most passing yards in a season for the Bears with 3,838 back in 1995. The Bears have infamously never had a quarterback throw for more than 4,000 yards or 30 passing touchdowns in a single season, and Kramer also ended that '95 season with 29 touchdowns.

In a way, it's sort of funny that this is the guy who got oh, so close to making both of those stats go away. But, they still stand.

Kramer spent the majority of his pro career with the Bears, and over five years, he threw for 10,582 yards, 63 touchdowns and 45 interceptions. Unfortunately, he is the only quarterback out of the Bears' top seven all-time passers without a winning record, going 21-29 in his time with Chicago.