Ranking the Top 5 Bears running backs of all time

Other than the obvious number one, who rounds out the rest of the top five and where do they sit?

Chicago Bears, Walter Payton
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The Chicago Bears are one of the more exciting teams to talk about when the conversation of all-time greats comes up.

Whether it is on defense, specifically at linebacker, or the running back position, Bears fans have always had plenty to talk about.

At running back, the Bears might have had the greatest to ever do it. We'll get to that debate a little later on, but if you're a Chicago fan, the conversation is a pretty easy one.

Counting down our list of top five running backs in Bears history, let's get it going with a guy who enjoyed the bulk of his career over 60 years ago.

5. Rick Casares

Very rarely do running backs play a decade for the same NFL team. These days, it's even more rare to see a running back play half that time with the same team, as the position has become far more expendable.

But, that's exactly what Rick Casares did when he spent fro 1955-1964 with the Bears. As a second-round pick out of Florida back in 1954, Casares would go on to begin his career with five-straight Pro Bowl nods.

The best year of his career came in 1956 when Casares earned not only a Pro Bowl honor, but All Pro as well. He rushed for a league-leading 1,126 yards and 12 touchdowns. In fact, Casares led the NFL in attempts, yards and touchdowns that season.

When it was all said and done, Casares would end up number four on the Bears' all-time rushing list with 5,657 yards and 49 touchdowns.