3 realistic trade packages Bears can offer for A.J. Brown

Big names could be on the move, soon...

Chicago Bears, A.J. Brown
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Trade Number 2

AJ Brown trade 2

This second deal is an intriguing one, because the Bears are just about set in their secondary and all of them are ascending, younger players. Jaylon Johnson, Tyrique Stevenson, Jaquan Brisker and Kyler Gordon are all guys the Bears invested higher draft capital in and they're each paying dividends, already, with Johnson of course getting a big-time extension this week.

Gordon, though, is a nickel corner after he played both outside and inside in college. While he's become one of the better slot corners in football, it's also easier to find a slot guy than it is an outside corner. The Eagles need a ton of help in their secondary, and they could choose to try Gordon outside if they wanted.

Either way, Gordon fills a need for Philadelphia, who also gets a second rounder next year. It's important to note that the second-round pick Chicago gives up is their own pick, and not the one obtained from Carolina. The Panthers' selection is likely to be higher than Chicago's.

Once again, the Bears get away without trading a draft pick from this year's capital. But, what if they somehow were able to negotiate a deal involving a pick from 2024? Let's take one more look at another potential trade.