4 reasons to get super excited for Chicago Bears training camp and preseason

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Chicago Bears, Darnell Wright
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Chicago Bears fans should be overly excited about this year's draft class

Ryan Poles ended up with four picks inside the top 75. He traded down from one to nine and then nine to 10. Darnell Wright was the Chicago Bears' first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and although his early days this offseason haven't been great, he deserves time to develop and prove he belongs. If things go south, Ryan Poles could look very bad — especially if Jalen Carter turns out to be as good as advertised to this point at training camp.

Darnell Wright wasn't my favorite offensive tackle prospect, but I did have a first-round grade on him. Fans should be very excited to see him put on the pads and then prove himself this preseason. I think I am more excited about the possibility of second-round draft pick Gervon Dexter becoming a stud. He has all of the tools to become a force on the Bears' defensive line. Tyrique Stevenson has looked good this offseason too and is already proven to be the starter outside and opposite of Jalyon Johnson. These first three picks by the Bears this year should be exciting enough on their own.

However, things do not stop there. I'm not sold on Zacch Pickens. How can you get excited about a guy whose parents typoed an extra "c" in the name Zach? All jokes aside, even though he doesn't get me revved up like the others, I'll trust the process. The two other names I am excited about though are Roschon Johnson and Tyler Scott. Scot is already making his mark at training camp with his speed. That deep ball between him and Justin Fields will look great on game days.

Finally, Noah Sewell and Terrell Smith are interesting prospects. Sewell has a high ceiling but I'm not confident he will reach it. It will be worth watching him and Jack Sanborn compete for that third linebacker spot. Smith looks to be a solid depth piece as well. I can see all of these guys making the final roster while seventh-rounders Travis Bell and Kendall Williamson end up on the practice squad.