4 reasons Bears need to go all-in and hire Jim Harbaugh to fix everything

Chicago Bears, Jim Harbaugh
Chicago Bears, Jim Harbaugh / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages
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2. Harbaugh knows the most important position in the game

Whether the Bears decide to keep Justin Fields or draft Caleb Williams, Harbaugh will be the right man to lead this organization in further developing their franchise quarterback. Although Harbaugh was never a perennial Pro Bowl quarterback, he played the position for 16 years. And, he played it tougher than just about anybody.

Former NFL quarterbacks are excellent candidates to go on and coach. Just take a look around the current landscape of the NFL: Kellen Moore, Ben Johnson, Brian Griese, Mark Brunell, Ken Dorsey, Zac Robinson, Jerrod Johnson, Josh. McCown, Doug Pederson, and Frank Reich, just to name a few. These are all former quarterbacks who currently coach (or have recently coached) in the NFL.

If you've played the most important position in football, chances are, you know how to better develop a quarterback than most other coaches do.

Harbaugh not only played the position, but he's also worked with plenty of successful NFL quarterbacks as well. If the Bears want the right guy to come in and help them finally find and develop themselves a true franchise quarterback, then Harbaugh is their man.