4 reasons Bears need to go all-in and hire Jim Harbaugh to fix everything

Chicago Bears, Jim Harbaugh
Chicago Bears, Jim Harbaugh / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages
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3. He is a no-nonsense, fair and just coach

Harbaugh does have some Eberflus in him, and those positive characteristics the two of them share are ones we should not overlook. The ability to bring a nonsensical approach to the way they practice and play is part of what makes these guys both respectable men, in general.

Harbaugh won't tolerate the B.S., so to speak. He is all about football; all about winning.

While being a no-nonsense type of coach, though, Harbaugh is also a player's coach. His guys know what to expect. They know he's going to be all about business, when it comes down to it. But they also know he loves them.

Take his postgame interactions, for example. Just a couple of descriptions Harbaugh offered of his own players, following the win on Monday night:

“Trusted agent and known friend,” Harbaugh said of running back Donovan Edwards.

“Amazing stalwart of a player,” the coach said of defensive back Mike Sainristil.

This is a man who speaks life. He speaks positively about his guys. He expects a lot, but he also gives them much. He's the type of man you want leading a football team.