3 receivers not named Tee Higgins the Bears should target in free agency

  • An absolute burner
  • A current NFC North foe
  • A future Hall of Famer

Chicago Bears, Tee Higgins
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2. K.J. Osborn

By far the cheapest option of these three, but highly capable of filling the shoes of Darnell Mooney, is current Minnesota Vikings wide receiver K.J. Osborn. Having been mostly the third guy in line in a strong Vikings receiving core for the last four years, Osborn has flown under the radar.

But, he's very talented. Osborn plays the slot role as good as just about anyone in this league, and as a team's WR3, he functions perfectly. If he's to be counted on as a WR2, I think he could do it. His size, for a guy standing just under six feet tall, is overlooked. He's a whole lot bigger than he's listed at, and he uses that size to his advantage.

Osborn is a wizard when it comes to working over the middle. He uses his body well, showing great control in getting open and framing himself toward his quarterback. If the Bears didn't want to spend high on a wide receiver in the upcoming draft, Osborn would come at a decent price and could likely give similar production to a rookie second or third-round pick next to D.J. Moore.

As a rookie, Osborn didn't play. But, over his last three seasons, he's amassed 158 receptions for 1,845 yards and 15 touchdowns while playing 68 to 78 percent of snaps for Minnesota.