Chicago Bears reciever wants to spend rest of career with Bears

The Chicago Bears have struck gold with wide receiver D.J. Moore in the trade with the Carolina Panthers. Moore is here to stay for a long, long time.

Quinn Harris/GettyImages
Quinn Harris/GettyImages / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

In an interview with ESPN, D.J. Moore gave Chicago Bears fans reason to believe he's not going anywhere for a long, long time.

Not that there was much speculation on whether he wanted out, but, for instance, if the Chicago Bears move on from Justin Fields at quarterback, the speculation would surely begin.

After Moore's best season to date statistcally, the bond between Justin Fields and D.J. Moore is clear. Ever since Ryan Poles made one of the best trades this franchise has seen, D.J. Moore and Justin Fields were seemingly inseparable.

Immediately following the trade, the 1+2=6 saying flooded social media. In a franchise that hardly saw offensive success, just acquiring a wide receiver as talented as D.J. Moore caused Chicago Bears fans to be optimistic about what their new offense could look like.

And while there might be question marks surrounding quarterback, D.J. Moore just made it clear that at least one wide receiver has no plans on leaving anytime soon.

That's because of what he actually said to ESPN's Courtney Cronin. He didn't leave much up for the imagination, as he really just laid out what he wanted his next five years to look like.

Hint: there's a lot of navy and orange.

“I would like to do at least five years here and then, shoot, maybe retire here,” said Moore. “That’s always the goal."

If Moore stays for five more years, for example, he'd be 31 years old, which is usually around the age where elite athletes start to lose what makes them elite. So, if this is D.J. Moore's true plan, it's safe to say the Chicago Bears are going to have years and years of fun with DJM.

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The true test to this will be if Justin Fields is dealt to another team. Would the potential break-up cause turmoil among the top playmakers on the team? Well, if D.J. Moore stays true to his word, that won't be a problem.